JMS4Spread Documentation

Currently, JMS4Spread supports non-durable messaging using Topics and the Message Types: Byte, Stream, Map, Text and Object. JMS4Spread is being actively developed. It does not support Transactions and The XAinterface calls in the JMS API. Support for queues is the current priority.

JMS4Spread does not have, nor does it need, a naming interface built in. A topic is created on the fly when messages are sent to it.

Currently, JMS4Spread requires that a Spread daemon be run on every host that JMS4Spread is used. Spread should be configured to run on Port 7272. Also, the CLASSPATH should include spread.jar and jms4spread.jar.
That will be changed in the future to require only some of the hosts to run the Spread daemons, and to allow more flexibility with the address of the daemon connected.

For details on the calls supported by JMS4Spread, please look at the JAVADOCS

For questions or comments, please feel free to email