JMS4Spread is a messaging system that partially implements the Java Messaging Service (JMS) API. JMS4Spread utilizes the Spread toolkit, a high performance group communication and message bus system that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks.

JMS4Spread implemets messaging in a completely distributed fashion so that there is no central server that represents a single point of failure. Each Spread daemon maintains a replicated state of the currently active topics via Spread groups.

Currently, JMS4Spread supports non-durable messaging using JMS Topics and the Message Types: Byte, Stream, Map, Text and Object. JMS4Spread is being actively developed as a open source project at the Center for Networking and Distributed Systems, Johns Hopkins University.


Yair Amir
Ashima Munjal

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Please read the License for JMS4Spread. Note that the Spread toolkit is released under its own license.

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For more information about Spread visit the official Spread site.

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