Class SpreadException


public class SpreadException
extends java.lang.Exception

A SpreadException is thrown whenever a problem occurs in a spread method. One example is calling a SpreadConnection object's SpreadConnection.receive() method before calling SpreadConnection.connect(InetAddress, int, String, boolean, boolean) on the object.

More exceptions will probably be provided in the future, to give more detailed error information. However, these exceptions will all be extended from SpreadException, so any exception-handling code written to handle SpreadException's will catch the new exceptions equally well.

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a SpreadException with no error message.
SpreadException(java.lang.String errorMessage)
          Creates a SpreadException with an error message.
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Constructor Detail


public SpreadException()
Creates a SpreadException with no error message.


public SpreadException(java.lang.String errorMessage)
Creates a SpreadException with an error message.
errorMessage - a description of the error